Echo League W2: Pockets and Respect

Thanks for Breastsfast reveals its first pocket strat this week, the support Drow in all its glory, which I lament will be banned forever until the end of time – probably. Not everyone scouts, right?

We match that highest of highs with a lowest of lows in game 2, a strat I call “Dirge, Midas, wander, feed” that belongs in the dumpster (which is actually just recycling for me). The collapse is a spectacle, so if you’re into videos about like, earthquakes, rock bands, wall street, etc. have a view. Or y’know some people just prefer to watch me lose.

A disappointing but educational 1-1 result with the tenacious Dream Tanks sends us to the drawing board. So let’s examine what parts to enhance and what to replace entirely.


I feel like I’m supposed to comment about the Drow Ranger support, but I think that the reason is apparent (aura), and that it just isn’t that greedy. Her level 1 is a passive +30 damage. So on with it:

  • Initial bansIt’s not easy to judge but I believe the phase one bans did not help us. We scouted them lazily from week 1 matches. The proper method, on Kips’s recommendation, is to determine our strategy’s counters, and scout for which of those counters the enemy plays.
  • More talk. Perhaps it was arrogance, but in this series I did not take the time – in my usual fashion – to bounce ideas, to play devil’s advocate, to check the big picture; to utilize our reserves. I have a lot of confidence in this team. That doesn’t mean we don’t use our resources to discuss the strongest possible picks and bans.


  • Respect resultsSlark goes godlike in game 1 and we let Dream Tanks have him again in game 2.
  • Pick orderA topic I cover a lot, but it’s important, and every team has to take steps to figure it out, especially if it needs to change per strategy or situation. With our hero pools we have to be more thoughtful about what position we choose at what time, and we’ll continue making adjustments to that order until it is perfect.
  • Ban-pick. In this match, we have the ban-pick in phase 3, which allows us to decide on our hero before banning. If we had decided on Tinker before we banned, we undoubtedly would have nixed Storm Spirit. This tactic is a drafting fundamental so I really messed up.

Our posse went over a great many in-game decisions, which I will not cover, this being the draft-focused blog and all. But I do want to share one that I found particularly interesting, which our carry pointed out:

We bought 2 Hands of Midas right before some serious item progression by Dream Tanks, then instead of playing carefully, tried to farm every dangerous area possible. How that work out.

This shining error as well encapsulates the underlying problem in our drafts this series:  lack of respect. On the map we didn’t respect their ability to punish; in the draft we didn’t respect a whole slew of things that we needed to. So if there’s one takeaway from the series it’s this: Put in the work. Deserve to win.

If you don’t you next level yourself.

-gg worst captain ever


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