Bad Ogre Picks (Battle Cup)


Finally claimed a second Battle Cup trophy on a stack we named sideboob. The team mostly consisted of regulars – our Visage, Tinker, and Earthshaker SMEs (rizod, dihy, and snow respectively) – plus okay from reddit league.

Our plan for this go-around was Aba-Shaker-Visage-Tinker if we start with first pick; for second pick we ban Abaddon and grab CM. This was the last night of patch 7.04. I think now with another small nerf to LoA’s strength gain in 7.05, I’m ready to say he’s no longer dota’s premier hero. Still great, but back down to earth, and first pick should open up a lot.

For some reason all three opponents picked Ogre Magi in this tournament. I’m not sure what the deal is here, because he’s been out of the meta for a while (apparently not; this cup is direct evidence to the contrary). My suspicion was that these teams have some lower-skilled players, and they thought a simple beater hero could still have impact. Checked dotabuff, and it does not support my theory. So why do they pick him? Not sure but let’s shit on this hero for three paragraphs:


  • Kidding I’m not going to just flame Ogre. But let’s at least establish his assets off the bat to help determine appropriate usage.
    • level 1 god. High armor, ignite is painful. Tanky overall.
    • Burst damage, hard hitting nukes.
    • Buffs AS and MS.
  • So basically pick  him against squishies, pick with right clickers that want attack speed or move speed. In this game I can see Spacecow, Lifestealer benefiting, but the hero really doesn’t make sense with Centaur, not even Lina so much. A stronger 3-2 punch would be something like Mag-Jugg or Void-Sniper.
  • We actually love CM and Shaker into Ogre Magi, so we lock them in right away. Ogre tends to get caught in AoEs, and any right-clicking buddies will be stymied by multiple stuns and a disarm. Centaur is top tier, but to me this is an easy Clockwerk pick. Great for interrupting channels and blinks, two excellent hook targets, and really likes bloodlust movespeed.
  • I wasn’t sure about Drow fourth pick into Stampede, but when it was suggested our Visage basically nut on his comms. It’s pretty good against Lina too.
  • Considered picking up a Weaver last pick and running some weird lanes, also thought about a TA for mid. Not sure what’s optimal but I liked Necro against all those tanks, and Reaper’s Scythe puts a delay on Lina’s free buybacks.



  • Game 2 I didn’t feel particularly keen on Shaker into Necro (not enough burst damage), but I really liked Visage. We nabbed the Pudge in the second phase, as Necro and Viper are really slow, they don’t respond well to fights that start with re-positioning.
  • Can’t say I like their opening into Maiden at all; Necro is vulnerable to magic burst and doesn’t want to use ult on her; Viper has no interrupt and is vulnerable to disarm.
  • This Ogre pick actually seems fine to me; high armor against birds, reliable stun. Still think they could grab Silencer earlier here or alternatively go for Disruptor or Warlock and just deathball. Fatal Bonds is the secret ultimate Pudge counter.
  • In the end it felt like Radiant was really vulnerable to back-line glass cannons so we tortured them with Tinker-Sniper, two of our signature heroes.



  • In the grand finals we had first pick so we took the artist formerly known as Lord of OPness. They banned Visage, and I didn’t want Shaker or Tinker much in phase two, so we scrapped the whole game-plan. Tinker was then banned in phase three.
  • Apparition just got a buff in 7.05 and is probably an above average hero overall now, especially with frogsicle’s continuation of rat treats. As split push gets better, so do globals. Lemme see those AA-SB-NP-Zeus-Merc drafts. Anyway he’s got great Ice Blast targets this game, and tends not to get hit by any of Necro or Warlock’s spells.
  • This Ogre pick is basura! Abaddon removes stun and turns ignite into a 800 hp swing. Bloodlust on Necro, Warlock? I will concede one point: Bloodlust is actually quite good against Cold Feet.
  • Actually rather afraid of their TA pick, gives them the ability to rat, and traps add a lot of vision. Frost armor is an issue, but she’s still very key for picking off the squishies on our team. Fortunately, the hero needed a fast start against our lineup, and Lina didn’t give her one.


I think maybe if Ogre was still top tier you could just pick it whenever and give it to weaker teammates. Not that that’s what happened this Battle Cup. But even so I believe especially in my own bracket and below, signature vs comfort matters a lot. A lot of captains talk about comfort picks, but comfort alone doesn’t cut it for some players. If you are bringing a friend that is a tier or two below, and all he does is spam Skywrath Mage, get your boy his vantage point. It’ll be better than Ogre, or Abaddon, or whoever. I declare it with utter certainty.

-gg worst captain ever


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