SEAL Season 1 Finals Game 1 Draft Analysis

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This is my analysis of our Game 1 Draft in the finals of SEAL Season 1.  Here’s a strawpoll for what I should make my next post on.

Selection Priority: We took second pick and our opponent took Radiant.  I had wanted first pick (you can counterpick more cores in the second phase this way), but CRAP was big on second pick and there’s no doubt that the overall last pick has done a lot of work for us this season.  Also, CRAP was in charge.


Our First Phase Bans (2, 4): Spirit Breaker, Night Stalker

In our scouting, we identified a few different threats.  We considered Zoompa’s Spirit Breaker, Night Stalker, h!’s Tidehunter, and Potato Farmer’s Lycan as potential first bans.  We were planning to first phase CRAP’s Bloodseeker though, and we believed it to be strong in lane against Tidehunter and strong later against Lycan.   CRAP…

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