Draft Quickie: In the Mood for Mercurial

My RD2L squad, Super Weenie Hut Jrs, scrimmed with some chill boys a couple nights ago. I wanted to share one of the drafts and talk a little bit about Spectre’s place in the meta.

In theory this hero plays really well into a lot of the popular heroes. She can kind of get run over by Spacecow (especially with Silver Edge) and Venomancer (especially with Veil), but these two heroes are commonly banned, and she plays quite well into the rest of the stunlock meta – few other heroes continue to deal damage while stunned. She is particularly good against Earthshaker with Haunt’s dagger canceling, and against Shadow Shaman, as she can easily bypass Serpent Wards and get to the backlines.

I think if players don’t get too attached to radiance and try to go for early stats and/or blademail, Spectre can actually start fighting pretty early. Anyway let’s look at the draft:


  • Bans are relatively standard – Clock, Venomancer, Lich, Nightstalker. Clock is probably the least common ban of the four right now, but we want to open Earthshaker, so I do think it’s correct or at least pretty high up there.
  • Radiant has essentially banned Veno and NS for me, so we first pick Earthshaker no hesitation.
  • Radiant responds with Shadow Shaman and Nyx Assassin. I do like the way SS matches up with Shaker; Serpent Wards are so safe for taking towers, and two of Raigor’s spells have long cast points, easy to interrupt with a well timed Hex or Shackles. Not really sure how Nyx and Shaker match up against each other.
  • Spacecow arguably best hero in the game, support hero that is very difficult for Nyx to pick off, and provides multiple interrupts for Shackles. Being able to get to the backlines without needing to farm up a dagger is really helpful.
  • I banned Tidehunter, because he removes stuns and we have lots of stuns. In my brief experience I feel like Kunkka is at his best when he doesn’t need X to land Torrents. Nyx and SS give a lot of setup, and SB often telegraphs where he’s going to move.
  • We pick Monkey King into Puck, a matchup I’m not positive about, but our subject matter expert pos 1/2 Gohan says that it’s favorable.
  • Really like Warlock as a secondary initiator / combo breaker when you already have three heroes that like to jump in. Massive strength gain (2.8!) keeps him from being Nyx food, and he has two spells that keep Mag’s and Puck’s blinks cooling.
  • Knew we wanted to ban Sven or Jugg, they were smart to pick the one we didn’t ban.
  • Spectre is the classic carry with Warlock, cancels 2-3 blinks with Haunt, and continues to deal AOE damage through Shackles, Hex, Impale, Carapace, and RP. She’s another really tough kill for Nyx/Puck ganks. Magnus is not the most threatening offlaner, so she should be okay especially with Shadow Word. Pretty much any time you pick Spectre you know the other team will aggro, so we sent her and the supports to the offlane.


Merc is definitely a situational pick – she can’t fulfill more than one role and is weak in lane. However if you can secure her lane, and the enemy captain loads up on blink daggers and stuns, and maybe has some key backline heroes, she becomes a pretty game-winning carry choice. Bonus points for defensive teammates, as Dispersion synergizes really well with heals and bonus resistances.

I’ll try not to next level myself experimenting with pos 4 Spectre. I mean I might try it just once.


-gg worst captain ever


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