A Week in League Matches: Style is Everything

I played three series in the past week, so we have a nice half dozen drafts to look at.

Let’s check out these drafts right off the bat, then talk about style and how we can develop it a little afterward. Continue reading “A Week in League Matches: Style is Everything”


A Week in Pubs 7.06d

7.06d has been out for nine days now, so I thought it would be cool to do a draft dump, look at what we’ve been picking up in pubs and hopefully see if there are any patterns or trends forming.

Not going to analyze these matches very deeply, but happy to answer any questions. Here’s a link to all these matches on Dotabuff. There are two drafts on the list that I did not screen below, one of a 3-stack, the other just my buddy on the button. Is that why I skipped them? Or because we lost? Either way, let’s look at some drafts: Continue reading “A Week in Pubs 7.06d”

7.06d and Sunday Evening Amateur League

The release of 7.06d marked the start of Sunday Evening Amateur League or SEAL, a new US-West player-draft league that takes the RD2L formula and adds exclusivity and stability to what was the flaky PST-SUN division.

Week 1 is in the books for my new team, Batman Forever (soundtrack). Establishing contact with the new posse was difficult, but we were able to bring everyone together by the end of the night. So, not much in the way of preparation for our match against CRAP’s Mein Covfefe, but let’s take a quick look at these ad hoc drafts anyway, then brainstorm how we’ll prep for the rest of the season. Continue reading “7.06d and Sunday Evening Amateur League”

7.06c Tier 6 Battle Cup, Step by Step

It took us five attempts, but we finally notched our first Tier 6 Battle Cup victory of the TI7 battle pass, under the intimidating moniker How Many Yams in a Netherdrake? 

We employed a good mix of strategies, but in an effort to present our thought process in a way that helps fellow captains apply the same concepts, let’s try to homogenize the draft breakdowns in a sort of step-by-step format. Off we go: Continue reading “7.06c Tier 6 Battle Cup, Step by Step”

Scrim Time! Judging new picks

(pictured above: epic rampage-deny kill-steal with a single gyro auto by yours truly)

Last week we ran a couple super fun, high octane scrims against the up-and-coming Echo League NA-B team, Majestic Space Bees, and their star mid player, Dihy. Echo League’s group stage starts this week, and it turns out MSB was assigned to the same group as us, so the below drafts are potentially a preview to our contest in week 4.

We experimented with a number of new picks and set to work evaluating the heroes as potential candidates for future drafts. It’s easy to look at it as it’s-good-we-won or it’s-bad-we-lost, and sometimes that is all the assessment needed (eg. offlane Winter Wyvern), but here are a few considerations that often come up in the chats after our matches: Continue reading “Scrim Time! Judging new picks”

7.06c Answer Lancer

PL 706.JPG

We’ve been experimenting with Phantom Lancer lately.

Kimahri got some really substantial buffs in the big 7.06 release, which has seen his winrate rise almost three points to a now serviceable 45.7%.

Pinktops from my Echo League stack, Five Potatoes, inexplicably plays this hero very well, and holds it in high regard. So he may not be pleased that I’m disrobing the cat’s pajamas here, but I’ll throw him a bone and offer this caveat: PL is probably not worth drafting outside pretty favorable conditions.

I felt similarly about Viper in 7.05, and now the hero is top tier (somehow buffed again in 7.06c). Just happened to be a good meta for the drake. Maybe in a patch or two PL will shine, but for now I think we’re just seeing great PL games; teams just aren’t drafting much AOE and leave themselves vulnerable to getting marched over.

Let’s take a look at some drafts: Continue reading “7.06c Answer Lancer”

Disburg Disblog Disband

Found this awesome draft blog a few weeks back by one of our favorite RD2Lers from PST-SUN, Danny. It’s pretty fresh and cuts through a lot of the exposition you might find here, gets to the meat of each draft and definitive reasoning behind each pick, whether the selection was a eureka moment or more of a sure, why not.

Here’s the link: https://medium.com/@vieubabiurbehats/

7.06 and Preparing for Echo League S2

Gameplay Update 7.06 has been out for about a week now, so my new stack Five Potatoes (5pot) has been theory-crafting and brainstorming relentlessly for days. At time of writing 7.06b is already out, pulling Sven back to earth and throwing a bone to Broodmom and Wukong, who we’ll still likely avoid.

Preparations for the new season of Echo League have involved trying to leapfrog the 7.06 meta as well as connecting its winners to the hero pools of our new squad. There were a lot of big changes in both the patch and our roster, so I believe it warrants an equal change to how we approach the draft. Continue reading “7.06 and Preparing for Echo League S2”

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